About Us

The Natural Health Co was established in 2001 when Tracy and Ronen opened their first store. Right from the start the focus was on customer service and great deals. This continues today in both of their supplement stores in Howick, Devonport and the Organic Food store Howick. The Highland Park store and Organic Store have since moved to Wellington Street, Howick.

The Natural Health Co is New Zealand’s number one supplement independent retail health store chain, and you will always find great prices and a huge range of supplements, skincare and household items and food. If you need something, they will do their best to try and find it and stock it for you, so please ask.

Both stores have their own personality, depending on locals, customer requirements and of course the lovely staff! We offer all deals in all of our stores, but sometimes the different stores may not have all of the range of products you might find in the others. Please if you want something, make sure you tell a staff member and they can look at keeping that product stocked for you, or make a request for it to come over from another branch. We will always do our best to help you out.

One of the wonderful things we offer here at The Natural Health Co. is a loyalty card program. When you visit us you will be offered to be a part of this program, so please ask staff when you are instore next if you would like to join.
If you are after a really good deal or looking for the latest researched practitioner items this is the place to visit. The Natural Health Co always has a trained Naturopath, Nutritionist or Herbalist on hand to help give you that extra support you may be needing. They will offer you support on the shop floor, or if you feel you need extra one on one support please book an appointment with one of the many Naturopath’s they have available to really get an individual plan for you.

One of the other special additions to these amazing stores, is their fully stocked Herbal Dispensaries. Both stores have a dedicated area specially allocated for stocking these wonderful herbs. Our trained herbalists will blend together a specialised individual tincture just for you based on your personal requirements. If you haven’t used herbal medicine to treat your health concerns, acute colds and infections to long term support, then please ask to try one today.